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Some of our collaborative projects to support the health and wellbeing of our communities, address observed health inequalities, and identify potential service improvements have included:

HKP Launch the Downsman Well-being space in partnership with Brighton Natural Health Centre

The Hangleton and Knoll Project continues work with partners to ensure everyone in the community eligible for a vaccine has access and that community experiences are considered in the planning and delivery of campaigns. Find out more in our Autumn 2023 COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Equity Campaign report.

A report of London South Bank University Institute of Health and Social Care's National Inquiry into Health Inequality cites The Hangleton and Knoll project as an example of good practice in what works (see page 78).

HKP remains dedicated to Covid-19 vaccine equity for all members of our communities. Our Communications and Engagement Spring Booster Vaccine Equity Report from June 2023 contains more details of how we are acting on this.

HKP has joined the new Act on Cancer Together (ACT) partnership for cancer screening and awareness for the city with the Trust for Developing Communities (TDC) and Macmillan. Find out more in the Hangleton and Knoll Cancer Community Action Plan.

In February 2023, HKP and the Trust for Developing Communities (TDC) were asked to work in partnership to promote the Covid-19 vaccination campaign across Brighton and Hove’s neighbourhoods, ethnically diverse communities and amongst older people. You can find out more in our Vaccine Equity Outcomes Report, created with TDC, and our Vaccine Equity report detailing HKP's Communications and Engagement approach.

In 2022, HKP featured as a good practice example for the Health Foundation in tackling health Inequality. See P13 of this report.

During 2021/22, we worked with our local communities to maximise vaccine take up via ongoing, regular communications around access to and information about the vaccine. You can find out more in our Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake and Hesitancy Report.

In 2021, HKP delivered a project in partnership with Brighton and Sussex Medical School to help improve local cardiovascular health. This handbook was coproduced with local English- and Arabic-speaking volunteers.

The 2018 Report of Public Health on Arts and Wellbeing cited HKP's work as a model of good practice.

The West Area Health Forum

The West Area Health Forum is a resident-led group set up and hosted by The Hangleton and Knoll Project to bring together all people involved in health within our community. The Forum brings together Primary Care, community, statutory and voluntary organisations and its agendas are shaped by local citizens. This video tells the story of the West Area Health Forum (funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Sharing and Celebrating Patient and Public Involvement in Healthcare community grant). The West Area Health Forum and HKP were also celebrated in the NHS Working with People and Communities Annual Report 2022/23 - please see page 34 for details and a link to a video interview with Jo Martindale.

This poster includes the Forum's meeting dates for 2023/24, contact details and more information. Draft minutes of previous Health Forum meetings are below:

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